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As many of us reach the half century mark in our lives, we find ourselves reflecting back on how far we have come, what we have accomplished, where we have been, and any regrets we may have.  One of the things that I do not regret which ranks up there next to my children, is keeping some level of fitness in my life.

Some may get to the mid point in their years, look in a full length mirror and feel unhappy about themselves.  Not having that youthful fit looking body can be a real bummer. It is difficult to maintain a physique of a twenty something through out the remainder of your life. We get jobs, get married, raise families and our body becomes the lower priority and we start to gain weight as our activity level drops and our diet gets out of hand as we eat and drink too much of things we shouldn’t be drinking too much of. If you know what I mean 😉

The author on the eve of his 50th birthday.

Many feel it is too late to get fit as they reach a mid-point in
their life.  However, this is not the case.  Read the full story>>

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I would like to give a big thanks to followers and readers of all of my blogs.  Today is another milestone in that my blog posts have surpassed two million page views!  Thanks to all for making it a such a huge success!

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